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Alternative to crutches

Let's face it, crutches suck. They hurt, they're awkward, and you're basically helpless. They are also dangerous in wet or slippery conditions. When I was laid up last year, a friend suggested that I try using a walker instead. This didn't make much sense to me -- how was I supposed to get around on one foot with a walker? Well, it turns out it's one hell of a lot easier than using crutches. You basically lean onto the walker, then hop forward. Then repeat. The knack of it becomes easy, very quickly.

I'm a big guy, and this walker from Amazon worked great for me. I also discovered that it was possible hang a little pouch from the walker so that I could carry my iPad, etc with me. Something that is pretty much impossible with crutches.

For more hard-learned tips about recovering from surgery see When You Cant Shower After Surgery and A Lap Desk for When You're Stuck in Bed .

* Believe it or not, some people prefer crutches because you can use them to navigate stairs. You can't do that with a walker. But, honestly, unless you're a star athlete or a Cirque Du Soliel cast member, you ain't crutching your way up and down the stairs anyway.


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