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When you can’t shower after surgery

A year ago I was laid up from surgery and couldn’t bathe. Prior to undergoing the knife I had discovered Dude Wipes, which are coincidentally from a company in the my neighborhood.

Although mostly marketed for post-workout cleanup, they work great for convalescing. Don’t even consider “baby wipes” instead of these. Dude Wipes aren’t sticky or smelly, and they are nicely thick. From now on, they have a permanent place in my suitcase, too. They are perfect for a quick refresh after a long trip or evening. (Just note the package instructions, use the wipe on your face before your ‘dude parts!’) I prefer the individually wrapped wipes for longevity, but you can also buy them in pop-up containers.

Another essential tool are Epic Wipes. These are much larger than Dude Wipes — they’re more like the size of a bath towel. They’re made from some sort of miracle disposable material that is very strong, meaning you can really scrub without fear of breaking through. Epic Wipes were invented by an Army physician and are, no kidding, like a full-body shower in a pouch.

I ended up using Dude Wipes daily, with an Epic Wipe for a full cleanse every other day. I could not have been happier with either, and they made my recovery a lot more comfortable.

For more tips about recovering, see A Lap Desk for When You're Stuck in Bed.


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