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A lap desk for when you're stuck in bed

Earlier this year, for medical reasons, I had to "work from bed" for several weeks. My incredibly light MacBook made this feasible, but balancing it became a hassle and an ergonomic challenge. So I decided to seek out a lap desk that would make things easier.
My first attempt was to utilize a Levenger unit that I already owned. It was OK, but too small. (They apparently don't make the one I have anymore, but it is similar to this pillow-based lap desk at Amazon.)
I also already had an IKEA lap desk from a few years ago, it's similar to the KLIPS except it has a flat surface, not an inset. This worked quite well, but what I wanted was something angled to make the screen easier to see.
After much searching, I decided to get the Avantree Bed Table. I'm glad I did, it worked well enough, but there are definitely some things about it I'd change. But for you, these might not be issues:

  • The plastic stoppers that prevent items from falling off are too thick for modern computers. They are laughably much thicker than my MacBook. So thick, in fact, that at times the trackpad wasn't each to reach. To get around this problem, I removed the stoppers and used a "slip grip" pad (similar to this one) to hold the MacBook in place. Worked great.

  • If you're a left-hander (I am not) be aware that the stoppers can't be reversed. There is no good reason for this, other than that it's not designed that way.

In all other aspects -- including its adjustability, size, and sturdiness -- I was pleased with this table. Now that I'm healed, I'm glad to have it around as it can also be used for sitting on the couch or floor.


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