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All due credit for Susan Thunder

Where the heck is Riverside Cemetery, Huron, South Dakota?

An important tidbit for those wishing to visit the graves of people buried in the middle of South Dakota:

Every single online mapping source (literally, all of them, MapQuest, Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, Yelp, TomTom, etc.) list the location of Huron’s Riverside Cemetery as Frank Ave SE. (I’m avoiding repeating the complete wrong address here, to not feed the ‘bots.)

However, Huron’s Riverside Cemetery is actually located at the intersection of SD Route 22 and Sherman Ave SE.

Which, when viewed from the perspective of a bird, is kind of near the river. But this is not apparent from the ground. (Just in case you, in a fit of desperation, try to suss out where it is located using logic and reasoning.) Your better approach, as proven effective by the present author, is to interrupt a nice couple unloading groceries from their car that is parked in the driveway of a home located near the incorrect address, and ask them where the cemetery is located. They are likely to laugh and tell you how to get to where it actually is. (“Go down this road, hang a left on the main road, it’s on your right about a mile down.”) Be sure to thank them, as well as the midwest proclivity towards friendliness.

I reported the mapping mistake to Apple and Google, but given that every provider had it wrong, it’s likely incorrect in the state’s own database. But this is far from the only thing that godforsaken South Dakota gets wrong.


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