Book Review: The Fairy Tale Review
Where the heck is Riverside Cemetery, Huron, South Dakota?

Book Review: Can We Stop

I’m a sucker for roadside attractions, and roadside attractions are what this full-color zine chronicles. You’ll notice that the author, Lindsey Miller, has omitted the question mark from the title, which speaks to my heart because there is no doubt that stopping is going to happen.

gordon meyer holding book

I have so many fond memories involving these gems of Americana that I can’t even begin to list my faves. In this work, Volume 2, there are sixteen pages depicting approximately twenty locations, all of which are on the East Coast. (I could have done with a few less photos from Dinosaur Land, but hey, if it were my book, there would be several from Wall Drug, so I’m not throwing stones.)

I got my copy at Quimby’s in Chicago. Stop by the store for yours, but be warned, the result will be an urge to hit the road to find your own roadside surprises.


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