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Trucker Suspenders are a thing

When I worked for Ross Perot’s EDS, the company had an infamously strict dress code. Along with my solid-color socks and white dress shirt, I used to wear suspenders with my suit. Recently, I came across a pair of forgotten, unworn casual pants that were just a little too big in the waist, so I decided to try wearing them with suspenders in order to get some use out of them.

I dug around in the back of my closet and found a thirty-year-old pair of formal, leather suspenders. Quite nice ones, actually. But they require brace buttons on the pants, which the newly rediscovered slacks did not have. So, I started looking to buy a set of clip-on brace adapters, but quickly discovered it was more economical to buy new suspenders instead. (And bonus, this would avoid the Village People vibe of wearing my vintage leather ones.)

That’s when I came across “Trucker Suspenders.” This was a revelation to me! Trucker-style suspenders have two attachment points instead of three, thus eliminating the small-of-the-back connection which can be uncomfortable when seated. I had to try them, so I ordered a casual pair made by Carhartt.

It took some getting used to wearing them, but they are great. Because they only attach on the sides, the rear of the pants is slightly droopier than regular suspenders. And the way they loop over your shoulders makes it feel as if you’re wearing a pistol holster (or so I presume), but they are definitely more comfortable than traditional suspenders.

But I can’t help wonder what Mr. Perot would think of them. On the other hand, since we were never allowed to remove our suit jackets while at work, he’d likely never notice.


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