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How the Mormon church pervades everything in Utah

The sign in this photograph is near the entrance to a popular fast food taco restaurant in Cedar City, Utah. It is promoting, without saying, the Mormon Church’s edict of “Family Home Evenings” — wherein families are required to engage in weekly at-home religious studies.

family home evening door sign photographed by gordon meyer

The “Parents Empowered” organization is, apparently, an arm of the state’s liquor control board, although their website almost completely obfuscates that connection. The LDS Church, of course, prohibits the consumption of alcohol and demands unquestioned obedience from children, so the overall message of the site — in addition to promoting Family Home Evenings — slots in perfectly with church scripture.

When people find out that I was born and raised in Utah, I’m often asked what it’s like to live there. This is a fine example of how the state government and culture intertwine with Mormonism.


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