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A secret of computer cleaning

So, you’re working at your computer, and you notice a speck of dust or something on your screen. You reach up to wipe it away, and now you’ve replaced the speck with something even worse — a smeary fingerprint.

Or, you’re working at our computer, and you look down at the keyboard and notice a crumb about to slip into the depths of your computer. If you’re using a notebook computer, you can pick it up and turn upside down, hoping to dislodge the crumb (and hope the power cord doesn’t knock over your cup of coffee). Or, you can use your blunt finger to try to remove the crumb, but that will most likely force it inside while adding a few letters of gibberish to whatever it is you’re working on.

The better answer in both scenarios? Use a large foundation makeup brush. The biggest, softest one you can find. (Check the local Five Below, or the teen aisle at Target. Here’s one at Amazon.) A soft brush is an unsung hero of computer cleanliness. Seriously.


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