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Book Review: Poor Little Ghosts

I’m jealous of Davidt Dunlop. Not only did he write this charming tale, but he also created the remarkable illustrations that accompany it. That’s more than his share of talent, in my opinion. (He also has the most autocorrect unfriendly first name that I have ever encountered. Yes, goddmanit, I meant to type that “t” at the end!)

Like all good ghost stories, this one is short, poignant, and haunting. I mean that literally, it raises questions that stick with you. Questions about the nature and assumptions behind ghost stories.

gordon meyer with book cover

One tradition not questioned, thankfully, is the depiction of ghosts wearing bedsheets. I truly love a good sheet ghost (I blame Gilligan’s Island) and this book is chock-full of them. I’ve read it over and over for this reason, sometimes not noticing even a single word.

You can get a copy at Quimby’s.


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