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Rewriting What’s New in Word

The latest version of Microsoft Word is displaying a shockingly poor “what’s new” message at first launch. I worked closely with the user documentation folks at Microsoft when they were first implementing Apple Help, and they were smart and careful folks, so I’m pretty confident this text was written by a junior engineer. But I have no idea how it made it past QA and product marketing.

MS Word screenshot of bad text

In the spirit of Usable Help, here’s a rewrite, which I’m sure could be further improved, but the first pass is free of charge.

View writing suggestions with a click

To see spelling, grammar, and other suggestions for improving your writing, Control-Click on a word. Other options available include Add to Dictionary, Smart Lookup, Synonyms, and more.

Note: I tried to figure out what “show context” meant in the original text, but couldn’t find it. Also, all the functions mentioned are available via the same pop-up menu so not only is their text hard to follow, I’m pretty sure it’s wrong. Personally, I’d drop the second sentence completely as it’s just a laundry list that muddies the water, but I kept it for contrast with the original.


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