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Book Review: Bullet Points and Punch Lines

I bought this book because, based on the back cover blurbs, it seemed like it might be in the same ballpark as some of my favorite (and, alas, deceased) authors such as Hunter S. Thompson, George Carlin, and Abbie Hoffman. The writer, Lee Camp, is host of “Redacted Tonight” (never heard of it) which airs on “RT America” (ditto), but he’s also a standup comic and this book is subtitled The Most Important Commentary Ever Written on the Epic American Tragicomedy. How could I say no?

gordon meyer with book

Unfortunately, while Camp is a punchy writer, the book lacked the depth and cleverness I yearned for. Oh, I learned some things, and I appreciated all his footnotes, but too often it felt like he was straining to be snarky and outrageous. I’m fine with that, when it’s also clever and pointed, which Camp fairly was.

One lesson I still have not learned in this life is that you I have to finish reading a book that I've started. I read all of this one, but past the halfway point it became a bit of a slog as I realized it was more annoying than interesting. And I mostly agreed with his points, so I’d consider myself a sympathetic reader, but he wore out his welcome with me. That won’t stop me from quoting some facts he brought forth, but it does mean that I appreciate the writers I mentioned above even more. I suppose I might need to lower my standards a wee bit.

I’m sure, after this dour review, you’re dying to read the book for yourself. You can find it, of course, at Amazon.

I do not accept advertising, but the Amazon want you to know that some links may contain affiliate codes that dangle the promise of earning me a few pennies towards running this site (at no additional expense to you). Humbly, Gordon Meyer


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