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A true story from Portobello Road (London)

Book Review: Chicagoing Straight to Hell

Subtitled “The Unofficial Secret Insider Guide to Nonexistent Chicago Tours” this booklet by “Mr. Dan Kelly” (clearly a pseudonym) of Highland Park (of all places) demonstrates a fun and snarky sense of humor. The publication makes a compelling case for tours that are beyond the downtown area (“Rahmsylvania”) and cover more than just the insipid “touristy crap.” Examples include a walk along The 666 elevated cattle shoot, a survey of the Lake Michigan Lizard People who, having bred with humans, are responsible for a race of ensconced Alderpersons, and a stroll through neighborhoods where residents pound out paranoid NextDoor posts.

Gordon Meyer with book

I thoroughly enjoyed this inexpensive self-published monograph (available at Quimby’s) and I was rather sad at the end that these tours exist only in Mr. Dan’s warped and hilarious imagination. For more of that, don’t miss his website.


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