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Book review: Superstitions

Superstition: Black Cats and White Rabbits by Sally Coulthard offers a history of common folk beliefs, and being a UK publication, many of the tales are heretofore unknown to most Americans. And even those you might already know — such as “touch wood” or avoiding sidewalk cracks — are illuminated with nuance and history. I found several new superstitions to add to my usual repertoire of practices.

Gordon Meyer with book

But aside from Coulthard’s content, the production and design of the book are both outstanding. The illustrations by K.J. Mountford are lovely. (Don’t you think that “Coulthard & Mountford” sounds like a Broadway team?) And I guarantee you’ll appreciate Hardie Grant’s clever, and perfectly executed, two-books-back-to-back design. The “white rabbit” side of the book covers superstitions that bring good fortune, while the “black cat” pages feature practices we should all avoid.

Well, as you can tell by now, I think this book is simply delightful. It might be difficult to find in a US bookstore (provided you can still find a US bookstore) but it’s available at Amazon. If you read it, I promise you’ll never look at a rainbow in the same way.


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