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Book Review: The Little Winter Book of Gnomes

Gordon Meyer with Book

This charming book artfully combines two meanings of the word “gnome.” That is, it features not just woodland wee-folk, but also wise and pithy sayings. (Interestingly, the latter definition is the oldest, according to the O.E.D.)

The author of the book, Kirsten Sevig, is a Minneapolis designer with (as if you haven’t guess from her name) Nordic roots. Her watercolor paintings perfectly complement the wisdom, such as “She who chops her own wood will be warmed by it twice.”

Also included are a handful of Norwegian recipes (such as Gløgg) and crafts (such as Woven Heart Baskets) that she grew up with. My favorite is the rice porridge recipe, which Sevig helpfully adds is also useful for earning the favor of Gnomes. By the time you reach the end of this small volume you’ll agree with the parting apophthegm: “The journey is the reward.”


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