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Book Review: Grave Plots

I was slightly surprised when I learned that the ‘zine Grave Plots was about the sale of cemetery lots via Craigslist. I’ve only used Craigslist a couple of times (to obtain purportedly haunted furniture for my performance studio), but in retrospect this shouldn’t have caught me off guard. A tiny piece of land, that originally cost a surprisingly large amount of money, might be the perfect example of a burden you’d want to quickly unload.

Gordon Meyer reading Grave Plots

Marc Fisher has done a fine job of assembling listings from all over the country (Including some that are close by). In addition to the striking similarity of tone, several themes emerge from the desperate listings. I won’t spoil the fun, but there seem to be a handful of circumstances for wanting to unload a grave site, and for some reason, specifying the circumstances is de rigueur. Some of the listings also offer amusing suggestions of items that they will consider taking in trade.

I recommend this publication as an enlightening, if not glum, view into an area of secondhand commerce that you’ve probably never considered. I got my copy from the delightful Quimby’s.


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