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Cure for a SwitchBot that forgets its schedule

Currently, one of the best home automation devices in my system is the "SwitchBot Button Presser." It looks a lot like a Rube Goldberg device, but it works perfectly for activating non-smart switches. If you're looking to retrofit an existing setup, give it serious consideration. (But be aware, it makes a distinct mechanical noise when operating.) I use them to schedule hallway lights, and I love that they operate independently and reliably.

One of my SwitchBots, however, recently started forgetting its scheduled on and off times. I chalked it up to a glitch or a firmware update, then finally realized that its battery was low. The switch would still operate and communicate, but for some reason, wouldn't save its scheduling. A fresh CR2 battery solved that problem. (And underlined that it's a good idea to keep spares of uncommon batteries.)


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