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Wildcard redirects at Namecheap not working

Despite the label "wildcard redirect," the basic DNS configuration at Namecheap does not redirect www or TLD requests. (Why? Beats me, it seems very wrong.) To accomplish any reasonable redirect you need to manually add entries for the TLD and www sub. Then you can add a wildcard to catch other subs. A correctly configured redirect is shown below.

To be fair, Namecheap does document this, but it's not entirely clear from their support page and sure isn't expected behavior based on the UI.

Screen Shot 2020 03 28 at 3 54 37 PM

S3 Bucket Static Hosting Access Errors

Even if you have configured an S3 bucket for static website hosting, you still have to define the correct permissions or you'll get a 403 Access Denied error. It seems like AWS could make this a lot simpler, but they don't, so here's the template. (Note the placeholder names.)

For more details see this documentation.

	  'Principal': '*',

This toy changed my life and eventually led to a 30+ year career in software. Two things I remember: it ran off about six D Batteries and if you picked it up they almost always came crashing out the open bottom. Secondly, for magicians, Rick Johnsson published a faux computerized card trick and inspired me to program one using this.


Book Review: Difference Between

The pocket-size small press book, "The Difference Between by Billy McCall" is clever in both concept and execution. The premise is that each two-page spread compares and contrasts two things that are easily confused with each other. Examples include: Herb vs Spice, Ice T vs Ice Cube, Coffin vs Casket, and Alligator vs Crocodile. (The only addition that I could think of would be Parsley vs Pussy.) Despite the large number of illustrators (and some writing by local celeb Liz Mason), the book holds together really well. It's fun, interesting, and educational. I learned more than a couple of things that will make me a better pedant. Get your copy where I did: Difference Between Book - Quimby's