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Hunting the Little Woodcutter of Amsterdam

Public jpeg

"The Little Woodcutter" is a beloved hidden art treasure in Amsterdam. Or, at least it had been, until recently.

After 45 minutes of searching (spread over two separate visits) we decided that the vague and apparently incorrect hints about its location weren’t working for us, so we reluctantly turned to the Internet for more specific details.

Of all the photos we found online, this one from Road Unraveled provided enough context to figure out exactly where The Little Woodcutter could be found:

LittleWoodcutter jpeg

And that’s all we needed to discover the sad truth. The Little Woodcutter, having stood since 1989, is no more. Here’s a photo I took from that same spot in October 2019. The fresh cut wound in the tree is all that remains of where he once was.

Little Woodcutter of Amsterdam

Goodbye little fella. We hope that someone had the presence of mind to save you and find you a new home.

The Little Woodcutter of Amsterdam (1989 - 2019)


This is why we can’t have nice things :-(

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