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Book Review: Make your own Twine Games!

Author: Anna Anthropy

As might be suggested by the exclamative title, this is a book for young adults. Well, this old adult is here to remind you not to judge a book by its title (or artwork). If you have an interest in Twine, this is a great introductory work, no matter your age.

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Twine, in case you don't know, is an open source framework for developing interactive text-based games and stories. The very first game I ever wrote was inspired by Advent and Colossal Cave, so Twine really tickles my interest.

However, I've never had the time to really figure it out for myself. This book was a quick read, but now I feel like I not only understand Twine, but that I could put together a game in it, and really enjoy the process.

The book is clear, charming, and fun to read. (And it's written by a fellow Chicagoan!) If you or a young friend are interested in creating art and fun, this is a good place to start. I bought my copy direct from the publisher at a pre-publication price, but you can also get it on Amazon, of course.


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