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A good electric kettle

My electric water kettle, which was a $10 purchase from Fry's appliance article nearly 15 years ago, needed to be replaced. It still worked, but the rubber coating on the handle was getting sticky and disintegrating. After far too much contemplation over a $40 purchase, I decided on the Cosori 1.7L Electric Kettle. The 4.5 Star/900+ reviews are correct, it's damn fine. It's fast, cool looking, and actually fun to use because of the clear glass vessel. But that doesn't mean it is without minuses. The lid isn't removable, which makes it difficult to wash and impossible to drip dry. The cord is made from cheap, stiff material so it doesn't bend or coil easily. This makes it harder to use and store. And let's talk about storage -- it's big. No, it's almost huge. Seriously, who needs to boil 1.7L of water on a regular basis? Most people are probably making tea, ramen noodles, or hot cocoa. The "high capacity" aspect of this just takes up more room in the cabinet. All that being said, it's good. And 4 to 4.5 stars seems about right.


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