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Book Review: True Ogden Scandals

Author: Jamie Carter Park

This collection of stories emphasizes "Scandals from Ogden's Glory Days" and some of them certainly do make for great gossip. Having been raised in the Ogden area, this satisfied my itch to learn about some of the more lascivious tales from the city's past. (But don't expect much from the supposed "wicked" days during prohibition and so on, these are mostly adulterers and the like.)


The author has done a lot of the work of digging through the Ogden Standard-Examiner and finding interesting stories, but there didn't appear to be any supplemental research to add depth, or answer questions that even the author posed in the text. The book also could have been improved with some photos -- or even a screenshot of the story as it appeared.

That all said, I enjoyed this short book. It's written in a very informal style and reads more like a neighborhood newsletter, or perhaps, like stories told around a campfire. There are some threads here that could be developed into a narrative with more digging.

Would it be of interest to people without ties to Ogden, Utah? Probably not so much, but if you are an Ogden-ite in spirit or fact, it's enjoyable enough. And, bonus, it's part of Kindle Unlimited so it costs you nothing to check it out if you have a membership.


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