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California Grill - meh at DisneyWorld

Located in the stunning Contemporary Hotel at DisneyWorld, the California Grill has an excellent location and view. You arrive by a private elevator (with an operator, no less) and the first thing you see after getting off the lift is an amazingly large wine refrigerator. Then, as you're seated, the view of the Magic Kingdom is breathtaking. When the sun sets, the view only gets better.

Unfortunately, the food and ambiance don't live up to the view. Although they declare themselves to be a "fine dining" experiences, I thought the meal to be only slightly above average. They also emphasize their dress code, which they either don't enforce or define very loosely, so overall it just sort of seems like a very good Outback Steakhouse in a beautiful location. By the by, as former decade-long California resident, other than the wine selection I didn't find anything "California" about the place.

We had a fairly early reservation and our server said that, by showing our receipt, we could come back to view the nightly fireworks exhibition. We did not return, and I'm not sure how that would work, really, as there isn't much room for standing viewing. But by not going, perhaps we missed out on the best thing the restaurant offers.

Here's the best tip I can offer: The bar is a pretty good size and offers the same view. Go for a drink and eat somewhere else.


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