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Book Review: Barrel-Aged Stout and Selling Out

Barrel-Aged Stout and Selling Out: Goose Island, Anheuser-Busch, and How Craft Beer Became Big Business. Author: Josh Noel

Whew, I'm parched after typing out that title. Talk about a mouthful. I have to wonder if it's not a nod to short attention spans or indecisiveness on the part of the publisher.

Anyway, I have a friend who likes beer, so I decided to get him a copy. (Note, my friend likes beer, but not like Judge Brent Kavanaugh likes beer. Nor is my friend a rape-y privileged asshole.) I ended up reading the book before sending it my friend -- becasue it's so compelling that I found myself drawn in just flipping through the pages.

Although the local Goose Island Brew Pub used to be one of my absolute favorite places in Chicago, but after a long remodeling process in which they completely ruined the place, Goose Island isn't of much interest to me. (The details of how that happened are described in the book, and I found myself cheering for the regular customer who punched the person responsible for it happening. Oh, btw, spoiler alert!)

I am a big fan of Chicago history, and local stories. This definitely falls under "recent history" at best, but Noel has pulled out so many fun tidbits that it's hard to put the book down. Even if you're not a craft beer aficionado, you can skim over the details of that obsession and still enjoy the overall intrigue and stories.


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