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Upgrading to the latest Kindle

The newest Kindle Paperwhite is very tempting, but my original Kindle Paperwhite is still going strong so it's hard to justify buying a new one. I was lamenting this situation to the nice lady at the local Amazon pop-up store (located in a Kohl's) when she tipped me off to a trade-in program that Amazon offers. I had no idea about it, and I suspect it hasn't been well publicized as I was definitely paying attention.

You can get a trade-in quote at this site, and in addition to whatever their offer is, they also give you 25% off a new Kindle. Not only that, both of these are credited to your account immediately.

The only minor hassle is that identifying which model Kindle you have is a bit of a puzzle. They provide enough information to figure it out, but it should be easier.

My new Kindle Paperwhite, which I'm enjoying, is much faster and lighter. The screen lighting is also better. Sadly, it feels like it's made more cheaply and is a lot more slippery to hold. But, overall I'm happy.

(In case you're wondering why I use a Paperwhite instead of just reading on my iPad, it's because the Kindle is smaller (fits in my back pocket), offers fewer distractions, has amazing battery life, and (perhaps most of all) is utterly unattractive to thieves.)


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