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Two important Galena visiting tips

Galena, IL is a quaint small town that is well worth a visit. But before you go, there are two things you simply must know:

  1. The town rolls up the sidewalks at 5PM, even on busy summer weekends. Of course, not literally, but in all seriousness at least 95% of businesses close early, every day. So if you're planning to arrive at 4PM on a Friday, be prepared for disappointment. (Speaking from experience.)

  2. Of the 5% of things you can do after dark, I highly recommend the magic show put on by P.T. Murphy. It's wonderful and fun. Don't miss it.


Craig Conley

Really interesting to see how P.T. Murphy handles his albeit very, very small number of poor reviews over on Trip Adviser (his reviews are overwhelmingly very positive, but there is the very occasional grumpy audience member). He answers them all, most often with humor, occasionally with blunt directness in kind, and here and there he even offers to guarantee a better time if they return for another show. I found his approach exemplary.

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