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El Siboney - Cuban Food in Key West

El Siboney is a small restaurant tucked away in a residential neighborhood near the Waldorf Astoria. It’s filled with locals and a few tourists lucky enough to have gotten good advice from a bartender. (We were in the latter category.) if you want to sit at a table, arrive early. Wait time was nearly 2 hours when we were there, but they also have a counter and we managed to get two seats there right away. 

We sat next to an L.A. couple that has been coming to El Siboney for thirty years. Later that evening, our tour guide — a resident for 15 years — congratulated our choice and declared it the only authentic Cuban food on the island. 

Why is it so hard to create a will?

It is surprisingly hard to find an attorney to help you create a Last Will and Testament. I have contacted many in the Chicago area -- even using referral services provided by my employer -- and none of them are interested in the job. They all want to set up a Trust, which I do not want nor need. It's no surprise that the legal profession has such a slimy reputation given that there's no interest in doing such a simple job.

I finally resorted to buying Quicken WillMaker from Nolo Press. Now I've good experience with Nolo's publications, but this app is a buggy piece of crap. It's also so utterly simplistic that you're better off just using Google to figure out how to create your own Will. (And then hope it works out when you're dead. Which I guess ultimately is how they all work anyway.)

How to edit the PDF pop-up menu in macOS print dialog

macOS (nee OS X) has a very handy print workflow automation feature that appears in the bottom left corner of the Print dialog.

Screen Shot 2018 12 14 at 1 23 07 PM

Unfortunately, when you choose the Edit option, the only items you can remove are the ones that you have personally added. (That's a whole different post!) If you want to remove the ones provided by the system, it's not obvious how to do so.

In my case, I wanted to eliminate the "Save to Web Receipts" option. (Because I already have my workflow for that, which is the "Orders" choice you see in the screenshot.)

The answer: In order to remove the options that the UI doesn't let you touch, go to the folder /Library/PDF Services and delete the workflow or folder aliases you find there. (Doing so removes them for all user accounts, by the way.)

You may want to bookmark this post as macOS updates may add them back.

Update 2021:: Sadly, with the sealed System volume in Big Sur, it is no longer possible to remove some of these menu items. Please complain to Apple, I have!

Upgrading to the latest Kindle

The newest Kindle Paperwhite is very tempting, but my original Kindle Paperwhite is still going strong so it's hard to justify buying a new one. I was lamenting this situation to the nice lady at the local Amazon pop-up store (located in a Kohl's) when she tipped me off to a trade-in program that Amazon offers. I had no idea about it, and I suspect it hasn't been well publicized as I was definitely paying attention.

You can get a trade-in quote at this site, and in addition to whatever their offer is, they also give you 25% off a new Kindle. Not only that, both of these are credited to your account immediately.

The only minor hassle is that identifying which model Kindle you have is a bit of a puzzle. They provide enough information to figure it out, but it should be easier.

My new Kindle Paperwhite, which I'm enjoying, is much faster and lighter. The screen lighting is also better. Sadly, it feels like it's made more cheaply and is a lot more slippery to hold. But, overall I'm happy.

(In case you're wondering why I use a Paperwhite instead of just reading on my iPad, it's because the Kindle is smaller (fits in my back pocket), offers fewer distractions, has amazing battery life, and (perhaps most of all) is utterly unattractive to thieves.)

Two important Galena visiting tips

Galena, IL is a quaint small town that is well worth a visit. But before you go, there are two things you simply must know:

  1. The town rolls up the sidewalks at 5PM, even on busy summer weekends. Of course, not literally, but in all seriousness at least 95% of businesses close early, every day. So if you're planning to arrive at 4PM on a Friday, be prepared for disappointment. (Speaking from experience.)

  2. Of the 5% of things you can do after dark, I highly recommend the magic show put on by P.T. Murphy. It's wonderful and fun. Don't miss it.