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I honestly never thought I'd be writing about a makeup mirror that has a USB port, or any mirror at this price point, but that's exactly what I'm doing. It all started when Gale and I were in Container Store (note there is no "the" in their name) and I spotted an end display with what looked like a nice makeup mirror, and I wasn't happy with the one I currently had at home, so I decided to check it out. (Yes, I use a makeup mirror nearly everyday because I wear contact lenses.)

The display model was turned backwards, no doubt thanks to the last customer that examined it, so I immediately spotted the micro-USB port on its back. "Oh, boy," I thought to myself, "another silly USB-powered product." But I was wrong about that. The port is used to recharge the battery, which is actually very convenient. The battery lasts so long, even with regular use, that by the time it needs charging I can't remember the last time I did it. The manufacturer says 5 weeks between charges, but I definitely get longer than that.

When I turned the mirror around and the light ring that surrounds the reflective surface lit up. It uses passive infrared to tell when there's a face in front of it. And having lived with it over a year, I can attest that it perfectly tuned. It only turns on when you're just the right distance away, or closer. I've never had it turn on unexpectedly, which is common with PiR devices. (It has also never failed to turn on when I wanted it to, except when my wife has turned the switch to Off, which I never do myself.)

But here's what sealed the deal for me; the optical quality is simply amazing. Magnifying mirrors (this one is 10x) usually either distort your reflection, or the glass quality is so poor that details are lost. This mirror is stunningly clear, crisp, and bright. Seriously, you'll see things about your face that you've never before noticed. (Brace yourself.)

Oh, and the mirror comes with a nice travel case. I think it's a little big and heavy for travel (it's built very solidly) but it's nice to be able to do so without risk of damage.

So, with head held high, I very much recommend the SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror. You will thank me later.


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