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So long, Crashplan

I have been a CrashPlan customer for at least five years. I subscribe to its "family plan," which allows me to back up the multiple computers I own. My current plan expires next month, but I will not be renewing. Part of the reason is the $150 price, but the straw that broke the camel's back is their poor customer service.

I have a Mac mini that is an important part of my home automation system. It's an older model that can't be upgraded to newer versions of the OS. That's fine, it just quietly and reliably ticks away 24/7. Earlier this year, CrashPlan sent me an email saying that because it's running an older OS, they would no longer support backing it up to their servers.

That's OK, I thought, I can use the CrashPlan software to back up to a local, external hard drive instead. I could live without the cloud backup for this one computer. I wrote to CrashPlan asking them to clarify if the local backup would still work, even after they turned off the cloud back up.

I posed that question to CrashPlan support on February 18, 2016. On April 5th, after I pestered them several times, someone finally responded. With a generic, canned email that did not answer my question at all. It took them two months to send a non-answer! I wrote them back, asking again, and still have not received an answer to my question. The support tickets remains open to this day.

And, go figure, my ancient mini continues to back up to their cloud, well past their date when it was supposed to stop working.

When this CrashPlan customer service fiasco occurred, I made Arq my primary backup tool. Frankly, I love it. It's better designed than CrashPlan, and the tech support has been timely, friendly, and accurate. For cloud storage, I have Arq back up to Amazon Glacier, and Amazon CloudDrive. The former is inexpensive, but geeky. The latter, just $60 a year for unlimited storage, assuming you're already a Prime subscriber.

If you're a Mac or Windows user, I highly recommend that you follow my lead and switch to Arq.


Nate Pomeroy

I've been a Backblaze customer for years even when my work computers were running CrashPlan (or probably more accurately *because* my work computers used CrashPlan). Never had a hiccup and I've successfully gotten my files back after a data disaster. Hard to argue with success.

Arq to Amazon Cloud Unlimited storage is intriguing though.

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