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Pause the internet during dinner

I'm still very glad that I converted my home Wi-Fi network to eero. My connectivity has never been better, or faster. The company recently rolled out a very interesting software update. You can now use an Amazon Echo to "pause" your home internet connection. Not a feature that I'll be using (I don't have any children), but I love the concept and I'm guessing that some families will find it useful. And if you think about it, it has to be done very intelligently, as the Echo needs internet access just to function. There are several other good, impressive things in this latest, free update too. Thanks, eero.

ScanSnap and macOS Sierra anxiety

I've been using a ScanSnap scanner (with DevonThink Pro) since 2007. It's a vital part of managing both home and office, and I have happily turned many other users onto this powerful combination.

However, shortly after Apple release macOS Sierra, stories appeared about a vaguely insidious ScanSnap incompatibility that someone ruined not only new scans, but also PDFs from years ago.

A few weeks later, Fujitisu finally released some updates that address the problem, but their communications are a confusing mess. They fail to explain how this update protects existing scans, and they have also released a series of instructions that differ depending on the ScanSnap model you own.

And that's when I discovered that my beloved S500M ScanSnap is no longer supported, so there's no patch for it. I was also very surprised to discover that they apparently dropped support for it in 2012, as I have continued to use it without problems to this day.

And I do mean, to this very day. It continues to work fine on macOS Sierra. Or, at least I think it does.

The worst part of this whole scenario is that Fujitsu's botched handling has severely undermined my confidence in their product. What ever the problem was, it should have been addressed months ago. (Apple released beta versions of the new OS for several months before its general release.) And, because they have never explained their statement that existing PDFs were impacted, I'm not entirely sure if I'm in the clear or not. What a mess.