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Thoughts on the Wink Relay

The Wink Relay attempts to solve a very important problem in home automation, namely that wall-mounted light switches work perfectly until you install smart lighting. At that point everyone must be trained to stop using the switches lest they turn off power to a "smart" bulb and take it offline. It's truly a big obstacle when it comes to home automation for regular people.

The Wink Relay replaces your existing light switch, but still provides somewhat normal buttons that can be pressed instead. It also provides a touchscreen interface for more advanced functions. Also built in is a room-to-room intercom, which is what caught my eye. Intercoms are a technology that definitely needs an update.

Despite my appreciation for their attempt, and my need for part of the product, I won't be buying in. Wink does not work with HomeKit, and a few years ago I bought a Wink Spotter and the experience has left a decidedly bad taste in my mouth.


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