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Reason #99 that Macy's sucks

I have previously written about the games that Macy's plays with men's clothing sizes. I returned those purchases the very next day, and weeks later, I received a letter from Macy's. No, it wasn't a takedown notice, it was a gift card. No, they weren't thanking me, they were refunding my purchase by not refunding it at all!

I wish I was kidding. Instead of returning my money when I returned the clothing, they gave me a store credit. WTF? After 20 minutes waiting to speak to a customer service rep I was told this is their standard policy. And while on hold I had time to verify that their website says very that returns will be credited back to your original credit card. That's a lie, and clearly not their policy. Is this even legal?

I asked for a reverse charge to my credit card instead, which the rep was happy to request. Another two weeks later, if was finally processed. Given the weeks of delay, it took longer than a single credit card billing cycle to obtain an actual refund.

Horrible customer service. Marshall Field is spinning in his grave.


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