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I have a Withings Home camera, and while I love the design and functionality, it has been a very frustrating piece of technology. When it works, it's great. But I quickly found that it has trouble staying connected to Wi-Fi. It would drop off the network 2 or 3 times a week. Eventually because of the frequency of the problem I'd ignore it, which means I was getting zero value and use from it.

I knew I'd have to get in touch with tech support eventually about the problem, but I was dreading it. I envisioned wasted time with silly troubleshooting and them pointing a finger at my network, instead of their product. (This was my experience with being an early adopter of WeMo, after all.)

So a couple of weeks ago I girded my loins and emailed Withings tech support. The reply was quite surprising:

"What's your mailing address? We'll send you a new power supply"

And they did. And it solved the problem. My guess is that there's a known issue with early units. If you have the same issue, now you know.


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