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February 08, 2016


Craig Conley

If one hates everywhere a McDonalds exists, that's like 35,000 places on earth to rule out. I don't get what the presence of a McDonalds has to do with anything. There are indeed other choices for dining in Las Vegas -- thousands of them. The best food I've ever eaten anywhere in the world was in Las Vegas. But it seems like everything in that article is oddly off. People in wheelchairs are just lazy and not disabled? Really? Everyone looks broke? Every time I've been in Las Vegas, everyone looked like they had cash they could afford to gamble on. The ugliest malls in the world? Quite the opposite, surely. "The place is so ugly"? The place is no one single thing -- it's eclectic, with hundreds of styles of architecture from around the world. It's bad for a street to be four miles long? "Bullshit" is too kind a word to describe this article.

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