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Reason #99 that Macy's sucks

Tallia Orange size discrepancy at Macy's

I stand 6' 6" tall, so it's often a challenge to find clothing that fits. The recently renovated DXL in downtown Chicago is my go-to place, and it was there that I discovered the Tallia Orange line of menswear. In short (pun intended), I love the quality and style.

But Tallia is expensive. So I try to catch things when DXL puts them on sale. But I'm not there all that often, so it's really a matter of being lucky. The other day, in circumstances I've forgotten, I noticed that Macy's carries the Tallia line in big-and-tall sizes. And for about half the price of DXL

Setting my loyalties aside, I ordered two sport jackets from Macy's. I got the exact same size I buy from DXL. I was very careful about this, even checking the labels in the Tallia coats that I already own.

When they Macy's order arrived, I was vey disappointed to find that the coats didn't fit at all. They were noticeably smaller, and surprisingly, of lesser quality. What the hell‽

I know that women's clothing plays games with sizes, which is easy to do because they don't use actual measurements. One company's size 4 might be another company's size 6. I feel sorry for women who have to put up with this, and as a man, I've never experienced it before. In men's clothing, where our sizes are measured in inches, it has always worked out fine. Until it hasn't, which is now.

So who is to blame here? I tend to think it's Macy's. One of the coats had a Macy's label added, and it was the poorer quality of the two. Does Macy's have Tallia manufacture a mis-sized line for them? Or, is DXL starting to play sizing games in a misguided effort to make us big guys feel better? I don't think so, as I've mail-ordered Tallia from them and it has always fit perfectly, but it's hard to determine why this discrepancy exists in the same style clothing from the same manufacturer.

I tend to blame Macy's. The private label is tip off, but also their poor judgement in handling the downtown Chicago Marshall Fields store stains their reputation. One thing is for sure, big-and-tall customers should not trust Macy's sizing and should avoid the mail-order department, unless they like to be disappointed.

Update: Holy crap. Macy's did not issue a refund to my credit card, they sent me a damn gift card with the refund amount. I had to spend 20 minutes with customer service asking for a refund to my credit card instead. The operative confirmed that I did not accidentally make this choice, it's just their policy. In other words, once you buy something at Macy's and return it, they lock up your money instead of returning it. This seems like it should be illegal, and it definitely means I will never order from Macy's again.


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