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WordLock Karma

I love Wordlock's approach to the traditional combination lock. Instead of remembering four numbers, you can use a word to open the lock. I find this much easier to remember, and more fun. Well, not that fun, because Wordlock has carefully selected the letters and their positions so that it's very difficult to spell out adult versions of "four-letter words." This is a disappointment.

In fact, speaking of word usage, it's a little weasle-y that Wordlock carefully describes the lock as having "10,000 combinations." That's true (hey look, it's math) but you certainly can't choose from that many words. To reach that number you have to also count "KSOT" and "RXOB" as possible settings. You'd be better off with numbers.

Because of the obstacles in finding a suitable, memorable, and workable four-letter word for the lock, I caution you to carefully consider your choices. Don't inadvertently tempt fate by choosing a negative word, such as LOST. Certainly not for the luggage lock, at least.


Very cool. And if you still manage to get burgled, at least you can be confident that your former possessions are in the hands of someone sufficiently literate to enjoy them.

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