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Revisited: Shave Well Mirror

I'm still a big fan of the Shave Well Fog Free Shaving Mirror. I decided to buy another one just for traveling, and I was surprised to see that the company has introduced new models since I wrote about the product for Cool Tools.

As I mentioned in both reviews, I use the mirror with a suction cup instead of the permanent hook the company provides. Now, the company offers a travel version that includes a suction cup hook! You're welcome for the idea, Shave Well.

The travel version, with the exception of the hook, is the same as the one I've been using for years. Its size is big enough to use, yet not so large to make it hard to travel with. Nonetheless, there is a new Deluxe Model that is quite a bit larger than the original. That's the one I bought last week. I'll use it at home and travel with my old one. The larger size is nice, I guess. I have a big head so no complaints about having more surface, but the old one was just fine for me too. The larger model is the same price as the old one, by the way.

One change I very much dislike is the addition of a large, ugly "The Shave Well Company" sticker on the back of the mirror. This is inconsiderate for customers who have glass-walled showers. It's like hanging a small billboard inside your bathroom. Fortunately, with a little patience, the sticker can be peeled off.

Oh, and the mirrors also now come with other attachments systems, too, such as a magnet version for a locker. They're no longer just a one-product company! Well, one product with different types of hooks, I guess.


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