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If you have an Asko Titanium Butterfly clothes dryer that won't turn on, I might be able to help. Press the power button. If the red LED above the power button lights, the unit has power. (Mine is pretty dim, even on the best days.) However, if the control panel doesn't also turn on, your dryer may have become overheated and automatically shut down. Open the door and let it cool.

So far, all of the above is in the user's manual that comes with the unit.

After the dryer has cooled down, press the overheat reset switch on the back of the unit. It's a black button in the middle of the back side. This well-hidden switch is not documented in the manual. (At least not the one that came with mine.) But, you can download a longer manual that describes it.

No amount of googling found this answer, it was only pure dumb luck that we discovered it and avoided an expensive and unnecessary service call. Hope it works for you, too.

Update: Two years later this problem suddenly got much worse. Eventually the dryer would only run for a few minutes before needing to be reset. Bottom line was that our vent to the outside had become clogged with lint. The back pressure and heat buildup was causing the dryer to shut itself down. An expensive lesson in that nothing was wrong with the dryer, as the repairman confirmed, we just needed our duct cleaned out. If you're in Chicago, Ugly Ductling did a great job for us.

Update: A reader sent in this good tip -- Found the reset button, just as you described. Our problem was the cover on the squirrel cage fan was warped and sucking in lint and dog hair until it became completely clogged. Cleaned the fan plugged the leak in way of the warp and runs great and quiet until I can get a new cover.


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