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Teleconference dialing with Alfred 2

I'm still in mourning over the demise of PhoneValet, but fortunately I have an older Mac mini that's running it so it just keeps ticking away. I spend a lot of time on teleconferences, which of course require dialing into the conferencing bridge, then entering a passcode for the particular "room" the meeting is using.

Fortunately, PhoneValet's Announcement app continues to work on Mountain Lion, so this means I can remotely initiate a dialing sequence from any Mac that's on the same network as my Mac mini. The simplest way to do this is using a "tel://" URL. For example, "tel://18005551212" tells PhoneValet to dial toll-free Directory Assistance.

I use an Alfred workflow to make the task even easier. The workflow is hardcoded with the teleconference's main telephone number, followed by a 5 second pause to allow the call to be answered. After the pause, PhoneValet dials the room passcode, which I provide when I trigger the workflow. Here's a screenshot that shows how it appears when I trigger it, which I do with by typing "teleconf".


The "1234" is the passcode, in this example.

After triggering the workflow, PhoneValet displays its confirmation and all I have to do is take a phone off-hook to start the dialing. A few seconds later, I'm connected to the conference room.


The screens below illustrate how this is configured.

I have the workflow configured so that the passcode is passed an argument via the Alfred window, but another way to do it would be to have the passcode read directly from the clipboard. Not the way I want it to work because I like to see it before dialing, but if sounds good to you, replace {query} with {clipboard} and change the "Argument Required" option.


(Bonus points for recognizing who the actor is in the icon I'm using!)


Notice the "tel" URL. It's set to open in the "default browser" but OS X recognizes that PhoneValet can handle it directly. It just works.

Finally, note this technique should work with any app that supports a tel:// URL, not just PhoneValet. Those commas I'm using to introduce a 5 second pause after dialing are fairly universal, too.


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