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Quirky Spotter: An Update

I'm still enjoying my Quirky Spotter sensor (see this previous post), and I've learned a few things:

  • This one is a little embarrassing to admit, but I'll swallow my pride if it helps someone else. The Spotter has two round holes on its edge, and they're nearly identical, but only one of them is the jack for the power supply (naturally.) The correct place to plug in the power supply is the hole that's on the right side of the house-shaped light on top of the Spotter. If you plug into the other once (into which the plug will fit perfectly I hasten to add) the unit will be on battery power and eventually, silently, stop working. Lesson learned.
  • Wink recently updated their iOS app with some new features. It's now possible to see the temperature/humidty reading at any time. This is a big, welcome improvement. They've also added "last triggered" dates and times to the other sensors. (Albeit in tiny, low-contrast type, but at least they're there.) Finally, now you'll get an alert when the unit is low on battery power. This really would have saved my bacon for the mistake I made when plugging it in, as described above.


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