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Monitor energy usage with WeMo Insight

One of the top five reasons people get interested in Home Automation is because they want to save on energy costs. (A goal which I find specious, but that's a post for another time.) Well, the new Insight Switch from WeMo is a really nice development along those lines. It combines a WeMo appliance module with energy reporting features that will tell you how long it has been on, and how many watts have been consumed. All for about $60.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, you probably can't go wrong with this product. I had a rough start with WeMo, but now I'm a fan. If you're not that interested in monitoring your usage, the Insight Switch is also attractive because it's much smaller than the standard WeMo appliance module. For that reason alone, it's worth considering.

Learn more at the Belkin website and you can save a buck or two by buying at Amazon.


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