Quirky Spotter: An Update
Revolv and Intermatic Home Settings Z-Wave Devices

Goldee and Hue

Goldee is, by far, my favorite app for Hue lighting. It's slick and polished, and the built-in lighting scenes are pleasant and useful. It also has s great dynamic feature that shifts the scene over time, if you leave the app running. Finally, if you've read Smart Home Hacks, you know I'm a big fan of alarm clocks that gradually wake you by simulating a sunrise. Well, Goldee has that ability (among others) built right in. If you're a Hue user, it's well worth checking out.

The company is also branching into building a new type of lighting controller that is packed with sensors and features. It looks to be quite lovely, and pricey, but I'm hoping it actually comes to market. You can find out more about that at their website.


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