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Keyboard Maestro: An update to Make Link With Title From Clipboard

In Keyboard Maestro: Make Link With Title From Clipboard I wrote about a macro that I frequently use while writing for the web. It uses Keyboard Maestro, and a bit of Python, to create a full-formed hyperlink that automatically includes the title of the page you're linking to. It's super-handy.

Well, the new Keyboard Maestro v6.0 ameliorated my use of Python in that macro. The new version supports built-in Safari (and Chrome) queries for the URL and title of a document. This allowed me to greatly simplify the macro.

With the old version, you had to copy a URL to your clipboard, activate the macro, then paste the result. The workflow is slightly different in this version. You need to have the target page open (frontmost) in Safari when you activate the macro. Then, paste the result. In other words, the clipboard is only used as output, not also as input.

It would be possible to change the macro so that the clipboard is not used at all; the result could instead be inserted into the current editing context as if it were typed. That requires too much forethought, in my opinion, so I'm not using it that way.

The new macro is shown below, and is available in this gist, too. Read the afore-linked post about the old macro for more detail about the what, why, and how.

KM hrefsafari


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