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Keyboard Maestro: Wrap URL

Nearly every blog entry I've written for the last several years has been posted using MarsEdit. It's a fantastic blogging tool. And it has a very useful shortcut "Paste Link" feature that lets you wrap any word with a URL from your clipboard.

This feature is so handy that I found myself wanting it system-wide, not just in MarsEdit. Eventually, I had a lightbulb moment and realized that it's something I could easily accomplish using Keyboard Maestro. (Another must-have utility for serious Mac users.)

Here's how the macro is defined:

Snapshot 11 5 12 2 38 PM

To use it, copy a fully-qualified URL (for example, to the clipboard. Next, in a text editor, select the words you want to link to the URL. Then execute the Keyboard Maestro macro. (I do it using the Keyboard Maestro menu.)

What happens is that the macro stores off the current clipboard (the URL), then copies the current selection, then replaces the current selection with a correctly formatted hyperlink. It all happens in the blink of an eye.

And the best part is this works in every Mac OS X application. Finally, a little bit of MarsEdit magic everywhere I want it.

Update: Thanks to @keyboardmaestro for pointing out that the last two steps could be Insert Text by Pasting instead. Even simpler!


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