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A word about Hue

The new Philips Hue lighting system is getting a lot of buzz. In brief, it's a wireless (ZigBee-based) remote control system for LED lightbulbs that can be set to a myriad of colors. The results are stunning in person, I literally gasped after installing my set. At $60 a bulb, the starter kit is a reasonable deal as it means that you're only paying $20 for the ethernet ZigBee bridge. And folks have already started to reverse engineer the protocol, ahead of Philips' promise to open it to others.

The bulbs are available only from the Apple Store. Online, the store is showing several months backlog in filling orders, but your local store might have them in stock. (The Lincoln Park (Chicago) store has several on the shelves as of 2 days ago.)

The iOS app and Hue website, are nice, but I haven't been able to figure out how to schedule events. This is a highly touted feature but perhaps it is not implemented yet. (I sort of hope not, as if it is there, it is too well hidden.) I'll write more about these in the future, but if you're interested, in my view they are living up the hype.


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