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TextExpander: Links to Amazon with affiliate code

Brett Kelly recently posted his TextExpander snippet for creating links to Amazon products and automatically including an affiliate code. It's an impressive bit of hoop-jumping and is quite handy.

I take a completely different approach that works for me, although you might still prefer Brett's.

In my version, you define a expansion like this:

Define your trigger as you like, I use "pamazon".

To use this, go to a product's Amazon page and copy the product's ISBN (if it's a book) or the ASIN (if it's not a book) to your clipboard. The numbers are found in the "Product Details" section of all Amazon listings.

Type your trigger, and instantly, TextExpander spits out the full-formed URL to the product, complete with your affiliate code.

If you'd prefer a more verbose write-up of this tip, here's an older description of how to set it up. Also, you might be interested in: A tip for using Plain Clip with TextExpander.


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