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Password Wallet: Auto-typing Secrets

I've been using Password Wallet since 2001. It's installed on all my computers and devices. I've recommended it to dozens of people over the years, and those that have taken my advice have also become satisfied users.

The other day I was experiencing a small UI glitch in the Mac version, so I emailed tech support. I've always gotten excellent tech support for the product whenever I've needed it. This time was no exception. In describing the problem, I outlined how to re-create it. The response stunned me. In addition to acknowledging the bug I was reporting, I was told about a feature that I didn't know existed. In over 10 years of use, I somehow missed this it.

Let me back up a bit. One of the best features of Password Wallet is its "auto typing" support. When you visit a website that requires you to login, you can have it enter your credentials. It's fantastic. But over the years, some websites have gotten more sophisticated than a simple username and password. And, on occasion, I come across a website where the login is so poorly designed that I thought Password Wallet couldn't handle it. I was wrong. The simple answer is that you can tell Password Wallet how to enter multiple, or strangely specified, credentials. Just use the pop-up menu next to the fields where you enter your login information. You can insert reverse tabs, pauses, and more.


Wow. Very cool and useful. Who know?


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