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Hacking The Scoop Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach's Scoop Coffee Maker is a great single-serve coffee machine. I like it a lot, as I never drink more than a cup at a time, and clean-up is super simple. Just dump the used grounds and rinse a couple of parts under the faucet.

I do like a very strong cup, however, so I was intrigued when the Amazon reviews mentioned that adding a paper filter could help with that. I bought some Aeropress micro-filters from Sur La Table and I really like the results. Just drop a single-use filter in the bottom part of The Scoop's grounds assembly. The resulting cup is a bit stronger, as the filter slows the brewing process slightly, and it traps more grounds. (Particularly if you're using expresso grind, like I do.) I guess it does add slightly to the clean-up, but flicking the filter into the trash is hardly onerous.

Don't take this as suggesting that the Scoop is somehow flawed; it's not. This is just a clever way to tweak its results a little. The Scoop, and this hack, are both worth your consideration.


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