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The other day I received an email from a Smart Home Hacks reader looking for a way to convert an analog surveillance system into one that's accessible from the web. This approach can make a lot of sense if you already have security cameras installed, or if you want higher quality video than what a typical webcam provides.

I haven't tried it, but the general approach is to use an Analog to IP Camera adapter, such as the Hawk-I. This one is among the lower-cost options, and only converts one camera. You can also find 2 channel boxes if you need to view an additional camera.

See also: Monitor Your Home with an Internet Camera.



Another option worth considering is the IP Video 9100A. The default firmware is pretty poor, but there is a great free replacement available from the Yoics project. It will round-robin input from 4 analog cameras. I wrote a brief blog entry about using it with Linux and Motion (I currently it with Motion on a Mac):


At that price it would be cheaper just to buy an IP camera.

Gordon Meyer

I agree Paul, this is only cost effective if you already have an investment in an analog camera system.

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