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The end of X10?

The other day I received notification from X10 Corp that they are suspending their affiliate program. That struck me as odd, and now the other shoe has apparently dropped. CEPro is reporting that X10 Corp is going bankrupt soon.

What this means for home automators isn't clear. It's likely that there are plenty of X10 modules in stock, and we might even see liquidation sales if the company is desperate for money. It's also likely that resellers will hike their prices in an attempt to cash in on folks wanting to hoard devices before they disappear from the market.

The X10 protocol is out of patent protection, so its conceivable that another company could step in and make compatible devices. However, INSTEON is the clear successor technology, with other more modern protocols like Z-Wave waiting in the wings.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, and if indeed, X10 Corp goes out of business.


Andrew Ellis

So is this actually true - do you have an update.

Press in the UK don't seem to be interested in reporting companies that go bust - perhaps there are just too many of them!

Does anybody know for sure what is hapenning to Web Brick (formely o2m8) in the UK?


They no longer answer emails so this is believable.

And Ee

Web Brick went into receivership last year. 2011

X10 - I have done a bit of research into this this is the main link.


I think that there are so many strings to the story that no body actually knows for sure what has been going on. My opinion is that X10 was always prone to interference and thus bouts of unreliable operation. It never had money re-invested and so has never really kept up with the iPhone app.

It does appear that X10 components are still for sale but there is a general feeling that if X10 is not bankrupt it will be soon.

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