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The other day I mail-ordered an item from K-Mart. It has been over a decade since I last set foot in one of their stores, but this was an exclusive web-only item so they got my business. This time, anyway.

When the box arrived, I noticed it was much, much larger than I expected. Upon opening the box, I found a sea of styrofoam packing peanuts.


I dug around a bit and couldn't feel anything inside. Following a hunch, I closed the box, flipped it over, and opened the bottom. Sure enough, there was my item, on the very bottom of the box with barely any packing peanuts underneath it.


So the entire box was filled with earth-choking styrofoam that literally were not serving any purpose (it's a wood item and doesn't need much protection), in a box about 5 times larger than it needed to be. Plus, there were two copies of an unasked-for catalog inside.


C'mon K-Mart, you can do better than this!


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